How the Custom Order Process Works

How the Custom Order Process Works

The Process

As Custom Car Posters has continued to grow, I’ve been receiving more and more custom order requests.  As a result, I’ve had to become more selective in the custom work that I take on. While I wish I could help every customer, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day!

Basically, I evaluate each custom order request on a case by case basis.  The factors that I consider are generally the following:

  1. How popular the car is in the car enthusiast community. The more popular the car, the better!
  2. How much I personally like the car. Some cars, I just love…So even if they are super niche and not well known, if it is something that I’ll enjoy drawing, I’ll take on the request!
  3. How busy I am. During holidays in particular, I’m bombarded with custom order requests and have to prioritize my time.

Generally, the turnaround time is 3-5 days and I’ll send the customer a proof to review before printing.  Customer satisfaction my top priority and I will work closely with the customer to make adjustments as necessary to make sure we get the design just right!


Custom orders start at $75 USD for a single car as each car design takes roughly 2-3 hours to draw.  The pricing is generally based upon the estimated amount of time required to complete the design.  For more complex designs, or more cars, the price increases accordingly.

The average custom order is somewhere between $100 - $200 USD, although we’ve had a few that have been well over $1,000 USD.

How to Place a Custom Order Request

Visit the form on and submit your request!

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